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I'm a teen and i haven't had sexual intercourse in about two in a half months. i missed my period for about two months. And i told my mom that i had sex and she bought me a pregnancy test. it came back negative. now i'm starting to pee a lot, i have backaches, stomachs, have sore breast, and sometimes like i'm about to throw up. lately i have been acting different and also been really thirsty. i don't know what to do and i'm afraid to talk to anyone about it. this is my first time trying to seek help. Also me and my ex-boyfriend aren't together anymore and we don't even talk. IF i was pregnant i don't know what to say to him or my mom. what could i do ? PLEASE HELP ME !



Well if you already told your mom bout having sex then the worest is over just tell her your periods are out of wack and you'd like to go to the doctor and have a check up, when you tell then bout your period they will ask you if theres a chance you might be pregnant answer truthfully. I you are pregnant you and your mom will find out at the same time and the doctor will be able to answer any of your questions. If your not preg then you can find out the reason for your irregular periods. If you still feel you cant talk to your mom go to the free health clinic with a friend and tell them you think your preg and want to be tested.

Good Luck!