I had my period on May 30, on the 15th of June, I fooled around with my boyfriend and our genitals touched but he did not go in, I am not sure if he had his "pre-cum" during that time, and also, after he masturbated, about 15minutes later we rubbed again. I took EC pills within 24hours of the deed, then about 12 days later, I started having cramps, finaly, on the 28th of June, which is almost a month after my last period, I had my period again, it was light at first, then it became heavy the next day, then just turned into spotting on the 3rd day. I have irregular periods but the heavy flow usually lasts at least 2 days, I heard that there is still a posssibility of getting pregnant even when there's bleeding, I've been stressed out for the past weeks, haven't been eating properly and not getting much sleep. What is the possiblity of being pregnant?