A little over a year ago, i had cataract surgery on both eyes, 1 month apart.

Immediately after the first surgery, I had a very hard time keeping that eye open when watching t.v.Asked the surgeon about it, and his explanation made sense---- that my eyes were now very different, so things would be better after the second surgery.After the second surgery, there was no improvement.

After each surgery, I ended up back at the eye clinic with issues--- each time requiring a second round of drops that are prescribed after surgery My sensitivity to light became so extreme that I needed 2 prs. of sunglasses when driving or watching t.v., or a movie, and my discomfort was at times, almost unbearable.

After seeing SEVERAL surgeons, each one suggested a different bran of natural tears for the dryness, which just continued to worsen.

In January of this year, approx. 7 months after my surgery, things went from bad to worse. Not only were my eyes getting drier every day, but then my nose and mouth became dry as well. I had trouble breathing at times, as well as swallowing.

I saw my family Dr., who immediately sent me for bloodwork, thinking I had Sjogren's. That came back negative. I was referred to a rheumatologist who felt I was totally healthy, and had NO autoimmune disease.

From there I was referred to a Dr. of Internal Medicine and an Allergist. Nothing untoward showed up.

There was some improvement in my dryness, which was very encouraging. I then saw an ENT specialist; again---- nothing!

Symptoms kind of came and went, sometimes becoming VERY extreme; other times not as bad.

Bottom line------ since nothing has shown up re. all kinds of testing, the ONLY thing left an be the lenses themselves. I have tested VERY sensitive to plastics, and am considering replacing the lenses, though my understanding is that they're ALL acrylic.

If ANYONE out there knows of this happening to anyone else, or has anything to offer re. possible suggestions, I would be so very grateful.