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A freind is having a hard time after complete colectomy, Dr says eat regular except spicy etc. just five days after surgery. I.E.- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, rolls, mac & cheese. Sounds like it might be too much too soon. Any suggestions?



I have to agree like this wide diet suggestion sounds bit too much just 5 days after complete colectomy. If anything really, after surgery that big I don't know who'd be even able to eat any significant amount of solid food. I hope your friend is better by now and that he managed to get through the post-op period. My older brother had his sub-total colectomy about 4 years ago, and the whole time he was recovering in hospital (5 days) he was first two on IV only. Only after the 3rd day he was allowed to drink and after that he was on soft diet food (pasta, canned vegetables, white rice... etc) even after he was home. His doctor recommended he starts by adding new food each day and see how he reacts. That’s really the only way to figure out what you’ll be able to handle,

Wish you all the best,