I had LAR surgery and temporary ileostomy in Feb. of 09. Ileostomy was reversed in June. Things seemed to be going along alright
with the exception of bowels struggling to return to normalcy. My problems have been mostly frequency and urgency and I have found
that Imodium has helped, as another person has indicated in an earlier post. I had radiation and chemo prior to surgery, and recently
finished 12 courses of post op chemo. Two weeks ago I had a follow up colonoscopy and CT scan. The colonoscopy showed everything
ok inside, but the CT showed an enlarged kidney not draining because of a pinched ureter between kidney and bladder. Urologist
and oncologist think this may be caused by scar tissue as a result of the surgery or perhaps even from the radiation treatments as
the radiation kills blood supply in that general area as well as targeting the tumor. I asked if this was very common, somewhat common,
or uncommon and was told, "it can happen." I'm interested in knowing if anyone else out there has experienced a similar situation,
and how it was resolved.