My six year old son had his tonsils and adenoids out six days ago. He aslo had grommits inserted for glue ear. Initially his recovery was text book minimal pain, quite chirpy when analgesia regular, then gradually experienced an increase in pain which left him in-sensible! We took him back to the Docs and he was diagnosed with septic tonsils ( how this was possible when he has no tonsils any more?) and he was prescribed Antibiotics. This infection appears to be healing , his throat doesnt seem to look such a mess however he STILL screams with pain when he tries to eat! have been BACK to Docs who can see nothing wrong no ulcers in the mouth or swelling.
Does anyone out there have Any experience of this? Or have any idea what the problem is, or indeed how long we can expect this to carry on? The poor little soul has lost ten pounds! He was well padded before but ideally do not want this to continue!
Thanks in advance for any advice!