I am a 19 year old female on day 7 after getting tonsils and adenoids removed. This week has been a week from hell to say the least. When my throat starts to feel slightly better, my jaw and ears are throbbing or vice versa. I have this awful taste in my mouth that makes me so nauseous and makes me turned off to eating. The only thing that I have found helpful besides drinking water and ice chips is drinking ginger ale. The carbonation soothes my throat very nicely and disguises the bad taste in my mouth for awhile. When I have been eating food (such as eggs or pasta) I find that it gets stuck in the back of my throat, no matter how much I chew the food. Which leads to me bringing up mucus with food in it or trying to swallow and drink to get the food down. Anyone else have any of these problems? I have been slowly getting better and the pain medicine has been doing wonders. I just bought a humidifier today so hopefully that will help me when I sleep tonight.