I am three days Post-op of having Turbinate & Tonsillectomy surgery on 04/29/13; and what I learned more than anything is that we will all have different but perhaps certain similarities. Day I: After surgery, I felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF from my surgery. The pain was from mild too little and I was provided Morphine & Vicodin. I HAVE HAD NO PAIN IN MY NOSE, but I am using nasal drops to clear out crusty blood and fluids from my nose safely and painlessly. In addition, I have had nasal bleeding & leakage (clear or reddish fluid), Sore tongue with excruciating pain when dry or pain meds have worn off.


Day II: My throat pain has intensified and I am hungry as hell (Jesus Help Me). I was sent home after being kept in the hospital overnight due to chronic sleep apnea, and the doctor fearing throat swelling, etc., post-op. I now have liquid pain meds and antibiotics and I am consistently sleeping/sleepy and drowsy.

Day III: I amstill suffering from moderate to severe pain ranging from an 8 to 10 (out of 1 out of 10). This morning my husband and I made the mistake of crushing my blood pressure meds and not mixing it and it burned profoundly on the back of the tongue. My pain meds are Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen and is GREAT however, it wears off every three hours and I am to take it every four hours…GOD HELP ME PLEASE. Furthermore, I am also spitting up Phlegm and blood in which my doctor and nurse said is good. I also recommended gargling with salt water to loosen the Phlegm and dry blood.

I will continue to provide UPDATES every three days within the next two weeks of my recovery.