i  am 37 years old male was operated on dec 08-2017 for pph surgery with 2-3 stage and discharged on dec 09-2017 but due to heavy bleeding i was again admitted dec 09-2017 and discharged on.dec 14-217 and,again admitted on dec 17-2017 and doctor again taken me to operation theature for three hours and checked and that night i remained in i.c.u and my h.b was 6.9 so i was given blood two bottles and they checked my blood and they found platelets aggregation and told me blood was coming from.my colon due to platlets aggregation which was made by giving pain killers and later they stopped me giving pain killers. Then i was discharged from hospital and started augmentin 625 mg tablet three times a day ,oflox-200 tab let three times a day ,matilda forte tablet one time a day and folvite tablet one time a day . Yesterday during bowel -first heavy blood flush from my colon and then little bowel also came .I called my doctor and he told me to take texid tablet for three days and blood stopped but now bowel movement is of black color and some time bowel color is clear,i am little suffering from high blood pressure -135/90 .Can anybody suggest when will my bleeding stop or what should i do now.