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Hey there
In the past 3 years I have lost 11Kg, my current stats are:
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Mass: 53 kg
Length: 169 cm

I am very athleticly build, lean body & muscular, but my broblem is due to the weight loss my breast size decreased trimendously!! I was a natural C-cup & now I am a A-cup. This is a concern for me and I want to now is there anthing I can do, obviously except gaining too much weight?? Please note: I'm NOT even considering surgical inplants :-)

Any sugesstions?


Well sport girl the breasts mainly consist of fatty tissue so what happened to you is logical. Some girls are more lucky and after losing weight their breasts remain the same size but you and my sister didn't have that luck. After she has lost 15 kilos the same thing happened to her and she is against augmentation through surgical way. She was using some cosmetic products but nothing happened so she has joined the gym and she told to her personal trainer what is that she wants.

He told her the options and she wasn't satisfied but she has decided to try. You see you can't go back to cup C if you don't want to gain weight but you can lift them up a little bit and make them a little bit bigger. If this is something that can make you happy than solution is to join the gym. If it isn't then you will have to decide whether it is better to wear C cup or to be slim.