My DH and I have been trying to have another child for 9months now. I have had 2 chemical pregnancies. This cycle we were on Clomid 50mg for 5 days. We BD'd on time and I was feeling pregnancy symptoms very soon afterward. Last weekend I was having some cramping so I assumed we didnt get pregnant this time around. I started bleeding on Monday afternoon. It was a brown color at first and only moderate bleeding. For fun I took one more preganancy test and it came back positive. I freaked! Went to the ER expecting them to think I was crazy and to tell me it was just my period. Turns out that my blood hcg was 7.2 so I was indeed pregnant, but with my bleeding they thought I was having a miscarriage and because my level was so low they thought it was on its way down. I went back to my ob on wednesday. They did another beta and was expecting it to be lower. Which you would think it would be if I was in fact having a miscarriage. The results came back today and it was 15. It doubled in less than two days. Before the doctor had a chance to see, the nurse gave me the number and said the doctor will get back to me. I am supposed to go in on Monday and have another beta done to see what it says. I say if it goes up to what it is supposed to then I am pregnant. I havent bleed since wedesday night. I only bleed for 2.5 days. That is a little short for a miscarriage isnt it? My cervix was closed during both perlvic exams. Could this have been decidual bleeding? I know every pregnancy is different, but I never bled during the other two pregnancies. My preg symptoms persist. Heartburt, nausea, vomiting, and exhaustion. I am taking a 2 hour nap every day. What do you think?