Hi, im 22 and have very irregular periods. Ever since i was 17 my periods became irregular. First it started off every other month and as i got older the went anywhere from coming 2 months straight to then going withouth one for at least 6 to 7 months. I got on BC to regulate my period but it would constantly make me sick so i got off of it. around July i went back on it to regulate and got off of it in August, i had a period in August- October but all at different times of the month, now im feeling like im pregnant but ive taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative. i dont know what day im supposed to get my period this month so i dont know if im stressed over nothing. last month it came at the beginning of the month, even if i were pregnant could it be too soon to tell? or even too soon to have these symptoms? ive never been pregnant before so i dont know what to look for! but at what stage in a womens pregnancy do they start feeling, dizzy, nausea, abdominal pain, shortness of breath? these are things im feeling now, so i dont know if its something or absolutly nothing and im just being paranoid! can any one please help me!! 8-|