I am slowly tapering off of Subutex. I am 15 weeks pregnant. I started tapering down 9 weeks ago, from 8 mgs to 1.5 mgs- my current dose as of today 1/17/15. I have read everything there is to read on the Internet about subutex withdrawal and pregnancy. I am suffering from depression. My rational mind knows the depression is just a symptom that won't last forever, but I'm starting to feel discouraged about the amount of time it's taking to taper off this medication and the prolonged depressive symptoms. I'm scared I'm never going to feel good again. I can't take anything to help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal due to the pregnancy, and I accept that. What would help me, is to know how long I should expect to feel bad after I stop Subutex all together in a few weeks. I've been taking subtex for 10 mo. I have asked both my OB and my Subutex Dr's. They both refered me to the Subutex information sheet. I'm desperately in need of inspiration. Can anyone offer their experience successfully weaning off of this medication and how they coped with the withdrawl symptoms post Subutex therapy? Thank you..