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ok so i`ve been seeing this girl for a little under a year now, we were sexualy active but not dating, she got pregnant didnt know who the father was, told me im a potential father. i had a paternity test done, when she was 14 weeks turns out i am the father. everything was going great, we dont see eye to eye on alot of things but that shouldnt give her a reason to be mean, she likes to joke around maybe to much, i cant stand being talked down to even if it is a joke, my weight has always been kind of a problem and she likes to poke fun wich i dont enjoy.I really do enjoy being around her when she not being mean she is the coolest girl i know, i treat ther like a princcess i do alot for her and get made fun of in return what am i to do please help?


Stop being so nice to her and start being more yourself around her. When you put girls on a pedestal they get bitchy because they can't live up to your expectations of being so perfect.

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