Yesterday I ate a lot of dairy products and then worked a full night shift. By midnight I was feeling bloated so I had a glass of milk to settle my stomach, this only seemed to make things worse. During the early hours i felt tired and unwell, struggling to stay awake. I even struggled to keep track of paperwork. Major symptoms included feeling bloated, sweating and some diarrhoea but no vomiting. Recently I have taken a liking to soya milk, but as we have none in the house I have been drinking the normal milk again this week .I have stayed in today and eaten very lightly. Symptoms have gradually become milder and now I am almost back to normal again.

Two weeks ago, after having a rich meal out I felt very groggy and had stomach ache. This too passed within a few hours. I'm starting to wonder if these are connected. Does anyone know how this matches the symptoms of being lactose intolerant?