hi, ever since i was about 14-15 i have bladder problems and urinary problems. i went and got tested about 2 yrs ago to see if i had cancer and/or UTI and after numerous blood tests, ultra sounds, urine tests and constant talk to the doctor jst like everyone in here they said that their was nothing wrong!!! i find this very annoying and confusing.

Just a few days ago i got really sick, sore body head ache etc...
a fews days after i found that its hard to pee meaning that whilst i have to go to the toliet alot i dnt have much to urinate, this has happened to me before but went away quickly this time its stayed around...sorry for the long essay but my point it is, was it the sickness that brought it back and even though the doctors persist on telling me that theirs nothing wrong should i go back to the doctors and are there any home remerdies that could help

thank you very much for yor help i sincerly appericate it