I had sex on Friday, October 5. He used a condom, we made sure it wasn't torn or damaged before and after sex...plus made sure it was on the entire time and he pulled out (I know that isn't going to prevent it). I was due for my period on Tuesday, October 9. I am 4 days late for my period..but usually I'm 1 or 2 days late. I've been stressing hardcore since Saturday morning about getting pregnant. Yesterday, Friday the 12th a week after sex, I took a first response pregnancy test that showed negative. I am not on the pill, also.

I'm stressing still because I'm still late. My boobs aren't sore...I'm not getting sick (but I'm worrying myself sick) but I do have white discharge.

Any re-assuring words? Should I be freaking out to the point of almost fainting..losing sleep...can't think straight or focus on anything else? Please help me out!