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This is a first for me. I have been searching for some answers and not getting too far on my own. Maybe someone out there can help? I just noticed in the last few days that my ribs on the upper left side of my body are protruding. Aprox 2 -2 & 1/2 inches more than on the right side. I've had pain in that area for some time, ultrasound showed spleen and pancreas were normal. Chest X-rays taken 1 month ago were also normal, so I know this isn't something I just overlooked. I was diagonsed with melanoma last November and have had 2 surgeries to remove the melanomas and senteniel lymph nodes. I feel pretty confident this isn't connected. Anyone else experience this?



I am not really sure how much can protrude ribs and melanoma can be connected. Can you tell me how did you remove the melanomas? Where were the melanomas located exactly? To be honest I only heard that protruding ribs can happen if you have issues with your spine and the pain in back. Have you noticed any pain in your back? Can you tell me more about your daily routines? In some cases the slightest changes can affect the spine and there for your ribs might be affected as well. Talk to your doctor about your spine and see if he can help you with that in any way.

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