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I apologize in advance, this is long, but I am beyond desperate as to what to do! I had a bowel movement yesterday that was so painful I actually let out a scream while passing it. Once it was out, I looked down in the toilet...not to be gross, but there really isn't any other way to describe what it looked like. It was on long piece of average color, fairly large in width, but I saw what the actual painful part was...there were two LARGE, white, lumpy rock looking things protruding out the right side of it! They were not smooth, but definitely roundish...I could tell they were large, because they were protruding out, so over half of it had to be inside the bowel still. I was so shocked! I went ahead and touched it so I could see if it was hard...even though by the amount of pain, I knew it was. They were rock hard. I actually took a picture of it to show my doctor, but did not take it out or anything. Today I am having a lot of stomach pain and pressure down there, but can't seem to go. For a short history on me, I have had stomach issues for years that doctors can never find a reason for. Nausea and dizziness are normal parts of my everyday. I am typically always constipated, often I am lucky to go 1-2 times every 2 weeks, I am able to pass gas though. I have been having even worse stomach pains lately...a complete feeling of fullness, harder to eat, yet I am bloated. Some chest pain and LOTS of back pain as well. I recently had an MRI that showed some herniated discs (6 of them) in my back, so I think that may explain my back pain, but the stomach is worse...on the CT scan they said kidneys and gall bladder and everything looked ok, but there is an unknown large mass somewhere around the right of my rectum. I am waiting for a referral for a pelvic ultrasound hopefully next week to see what the mass is. On the female side as far as history goes, I also have horrible out of control periods and a history of cysts and fibroids. I also know on my fathers side of the family was colon cancer. I have searched the internet for about 8 hours looking for some sort of example of what I saw the other day, I can't find anything. I have found info on "white stool" but this wasn't white was large white rocks in my stool,the stool itself actually looked pretty normal, w/the exception of being constipated. any ideas? I am scared and desperate, not to mention a little embarrasssed!



I can only imagine how you feel. I googled some info for you about your condition and found some interesting facts. You are not alone definitely. 

This one guys was telling his story which sounds very similar to yours. He said...after thousands of words, that those white rock-like things are basically proteins and fat which was formed in your stomach. 

This is because of Casein he said. It's like you are allergic and because of it those lumps are formed in your stomach. Here is the advice he gives for you to get better : Remove casein from your diet and replace it with plant based protein like soy and gluten. 

Here is some info on casein from wikipedia It does make sense to avoid such food since your body can't obviously digest it properly. Research about this protein and adjust your diet so you avoid it and i think you should feel better in a week. And of course let me know if that works or not and your ultra sound results. 

May you be well, 




Hi K,
I have the exact same problem. I had an excruciating pain in my stomach connecting to my back and then a white large object come out in form of poop.
Since I have a back ache which I never had before.
Any treatment options?