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Hey there,

My sister and I are thinking about starting with this Harcombe diet program. We did some research about it, and I think that we will be able to do that. That was my suggestion, to be honest, and she is just my support. She is far better looking than I am :D

Now, I was reading about some phases in this diet program, and that is OK, I know them, but I am not that sure what foods can you eat by phases if you follow Harcombe diet?

I am somehow confused about this :)

Please, let me know what you think.



Good day,

Well, in the first phase of this diet program you can eat meat, fish, eggs, all vegetables except potatoes and mushrooms, natural live yoghurt, herbs, spices, brown rice, quinoa, oats, bacon, omelets, cereal, light milk, water, salad, chicken, etc.

In the second phase you have three rules or guidelines about this diet program. Don’t eat processed foods, don’t eat fats and carbos at the same meal and don’t eat any single dish that cause your cravings.  

When you read this, you can see that there are a lot of groceries that you can eat.

I hope that my post is helpful.

Good luck girls! 



Hello everyone,

I have to agree that this program has a lot of ingredients, and that is why this diet program is not even hard to follow. I know a few rules at this moment, and they are all about phase one. So, you are allowed to eat unlimited unprocessed meat, eggs, salads, etc. Don’t eat potatoes and mushrooms. Remember, potatoes are very high in carbos, so that is why they are not allowed. Also, you can eat up to 50g of rice, brown rice, and you have to avoid caffeine. If you are caffeine addicted, that will be big problem :)

You can drink water, herbal tea.

Good luck! 




Yes, there are simple rules that you need to follow, some tips that are very important. All you need to do is to write those rules, because you will forget some of them of course :).

If you want to follow second phase, it is a little less restrictive. You need to know that you will learn how to cheat, you can drink or eat whatever you want. Don’t worry, you won’t gain your weight back. Also, you have to avoid processed foods, don’t mix carbs and carbs in the same meal.

It is really easy, so try to follow first phase and if you like it, go to the next one – the second phase :)

Good luck! 



Good day all.

Sometimes, I think that this diet program is very, very easy to follow, because there are a lot of ingredients that you can eat. And, I mean it.

I mean, just take a look around you, when you compare this diet program with some other, it is much, much easier to follow than any other diet program.

The menu is really colorful as well and that is the main point of this diet program.

So, we told you what you can eat by phases, all you need to do is to find some phases that you need to follow.

Have a nice day! 



Hello people,

How are you?

Yes, I can see that. I mean, I tried to compare this diet program with the last diet program I was following. I really can see that there are a lot of different ingredients in here, I mean basically you can eat almost everything, lol :)

I will try to find those tips, I will print them and I will try with this diet program next month – because, that was the deal with my sister :)

I found those tips as well, they are not that hard to remember.

Thank you for your comments :)