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recently had eye surgery - partial tear to my retina. The surgery went well but as I healed my body formed too much scar tissue and I need another procedure to correct the problem. My chiropractor said that my diet could be a contributing factor. He suggested Microbiotics and your site.

He suggested refined fish oil and sent me to your site for more ideas. What foods should I be avoiding and what foods or minerals should I be increasing my consumption of?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Bill Jones


You want to avoid any foods with high levels of bad fats and sugar. This would include fast food, processed food, and generally anything that isn't natural. Switching to organic foods will help you a great deal.

Any food from the nightshade family, such as potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants can make inflammation worse.

Fish oil is very good, since it consists of omega-3s. Balancing your omega-3s with your omega-6s will balance out your system and help you get rid of inflammation.