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Hello, I’m Tammy, 21 years old and I know it’s partially my anxiety causing it, but after looking at the various photos of people with psoriasis, I think I have a psoriasis patch to the side on my left eye. The patch isn’t too big, it’s around 1 cm wide and it seems to get wider (but that’s just maybe ‘cause I’m looking at it all the rime). At the line where the patch ends and normal skin begins it’s really noticeable that the patch is darker and the top layer of skin on it is all flaky and crackling. My family doctor just told me to put some OTC moisturizer on it and that t’s probably nothing, and he’ll only send me to the dermatologist if the patch doesn’t go away in a month. I’m scared and I need to know is there another way to find out if I have psoriasis?


Hello Tammy,

how are you doing now? Any changes after you started moisturizing the area? Psoriasis has very specific symptoms that can help in diagnosing it - the affected patch of skin is usually red and sensitive and the top skin layers tend to be itchy and flakey. There are other reasons why that patch near your eye is flaking - after all, it's just a natural way we get rid of the dead cells. But I do agree that you'd probably be much more relieved after a visit to dermatologist and finding out the real cause. And it's definitely almost a rule that if you try to make sense of your symptoms just by searching the information online, you'll almost always end up thinking it's the worst.

Wish you all the best,