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Hello everybody,

I know this sounds a bit gross, but i’ve been suffering from scalp and neck psoriasis for more than five years now. When I was a teenager is used to pick at it, thankfully without getting any infection. That’s the first time I saw the see-through ooze appears on psoriasis patch. I’ve long since stopped picking at my psoriatic patches after I accidentally also caught an infection, but last morning I woke up and when I felt the area on my forehead affected by the psoriasis, the same clear ooze was there. I’m not currently having a flare-up, this happened out of nowhere.


This answer is kind of out of left field but this diet change has helped my brother-in-law mangage his psoriasis naturally after struggling for MANY years with many shampoos and prescriptions.  All it was a switch to a gluten-free diet and it is 90% gone he says, I have Celiac disease so I help where I can with the dietary switch for him.


Hope this can help you alleviate some of your symptoms and get some relief.