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Hello everybody, 

I heard there was an episode of Dr Oz where he explained why some of the foods we eat cause inflammatory reactions and he gave his guidelines, but all I managed to find is a shortened version of the list of anti inflammatory foods. Basically, he says that food like processed meat, nuts, non-organically raised vegetables and fruit cause the immune response from our bodies and this is dangerous especially for people suffering from allergies or auto-immune diseases.

I want to try cutting these foods out of my diet because I feel it might help me fight off psoriasis flare-ups, but I haven't found anything with bit more detail on which food to avoid completely and which are OK. I guess it makes sense to avoid processed foods, but if anyone could help me with any info it would be much appreciated.


Foods rich in omega 3, green tea, viitamin c and vitamin e are known as anti-inflammmatory foods. Just to be safe, as long as it is organic. It is nutritious and healthy to the system.