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I am 13 and a half. I have pubic hair in my genital area and have armpit hair. My penis is 3.4 inches long.When i try to masturbate and then when i reach the end i have a really good feeling but only a clear liquid comes out. I thought semen is white and it shoots out. Help.


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It may just be that your just a bit young yet every any that goes through puberty is at a different stage at a different age.
Some might be able to produce seemen and ejaculate at 11 where as another boy maybe 14.
Just be patient and it will happen soon.

Hope that answers you question ok :-)


Many young guys who are just starting puberty find that when they masturbate, from which they derive intense pleasure, they have an orgasm but nothing comes out of their penis (no ejaculation). This is called a dry orgasm.

One has to be in puberty a year or longer before semen production starts, so there is nothing to ejaculate. Although the muscle contractions to produce an ejaculation occur, there is no semen to ejaculate because semen production has not yet started.

When semen production does start, there will be only a few drops at first. It usually is clear instead of milky colored. The quantity increases later and the color changes to milky white.

Just enjoy your dry orgasms while you wait. You will see some semen come out eventually.