For years i too have had vertigo like symptoms (not the room spinning kind) a full pressure head feeling, slight nausea, off balance, blurred vision, tingling/some numbness, chronic dizziness when getting up or laying down, lips/tongue/face feel tingly, occasional fuzzy thinking, a sensation in head like rice krispie crackling, and i could go on. I went to an ENT two years ago and had vng testing, etc and got no answers except that i had a narrowing in my left ear canal?? I'm careful not to get water in my ears while showering and while bending my head back to rinse my hair i get overly dizzy... and if i turn my head to the 'extreme' right it feels much the same way. My neck grinds and pops... and sometimes i get an electrical shock down it. All this is overly confusing and frustrating as i CANNOT take Antivert (or any meclizine type meds). When you have something long enough you learn to live with it... and it ALMOST becomes your normal... you do your best to function. If it gets worse for me my next step will be to insist on an MRI. Still searching for an answers??