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:'( on my left vulva lip there showed up 3 large puss filled bumps tht hurts everytime i sit down then it moved 2 the other side. now on each side on the outside of my vagina there are 2 [about 1 centimeter long] white marks tht burn when i pee n try 2 spread my vagina PLZ HELP ME!!! if u have any advice ill take it

plz i dont wana live like this @ 13 yrs old :-( :$


A couple questions come to mind first off...

Are you sexually active?
Do you shave your pubic area?

Shaving the area can cause ingrown hairs that will become infected and painful at times. The way to prevent this is to not shave close or better yet trim the hair.

If you use Always or other "dry weave" type pads or liners that have an almost plasic like lining on the surface af the pad.. that can also irritate the sensitive skin of the genital area. Some woman have allergies to that "material". Also that material does not allow proper air flow many times and that too can cause irritations similar to what you are experiencing.

You may have developed an allergy to the launry soap or body soap that is being used in your home. Also, if you use body sprays or other lotions/products int hat area, that too can cause irritations, pimples and rashes.

Then there comes that sexual activity. You are young, but since I do not know you, I can not rule this out either. If you chose to have sex or sexual activity, please always be safe, use a condom, make sure you and your partner are clean and wash-up afterwards. Keep your private areas far away from eachother unless he wears a condom EVEN IF there will be no penetration. The body secretions can carry STDs, STIs and other badies that you do not want to have to deal with.
IF you have had sexual intercourse or sexual contact of the private areas and you noticed these pimples after that, I would suggest that you go to a doctor to check you out. The quicker you get it taken care of the better.

NOW, after I may have scared you OR grossed you out, let me re-assure you that from time to time some womena nd girls get pimples or cysts in this area. IT is warm and dark and these things happen. To prevent or help with it, use cotton panties, do not use body sprays or deoderants in that area, use a gentle soap like Ivory to clean yourself.. but at times just a warm cloth with lots of warm water can really make one feel better. Stay clean and stay safe and you should be fine.