I had a break out of some puss filled zits on the pubic area that are painful if touched or brushed against but only in the areas which I shave and went to the doctor to be told that while having an alergic reaction to lubricats and shaving thus nicking myself had creatd a staph infection....I have since passed this to my husband and it affected him on the scrotum/sack and the Dr. told him his was a simple skin irritation but it swelled him up to the size of a grapefruit and is now gone in that area but has resurfaced on his lower stomach. Mine cleared for a week and is now back full force since the antibiotics have been gone for a few weeks. I don't believe that this is staph because all the pictures and dicriptions do not match. Staph has a clear drainage but mine is puss filled and can individually swell under the skin as big as a golf ball but still has the white puss filled head on it and after popping open does not go down for a week or so and leaves behind a scar that the skin peels around all the time. Not sure what it is but have not done anything to contract anything from anyone and all my test were clear. My doctor insisted on running all the std test and doing a PAP test just to be sure because you never know, your spouse could have cheated so I did it and so did he and we are both otherwise clean. Help, I think I am gonna see a differnt doctor/gyn than my current one just for a 2nd openion if I can't get rid of this soon because this is now affecting our decisions to or not to have sex until this is all gone. I am now 3+ months into this and it is driving me crazy. One more thing, when he shaved with a new sterilized razor it made him get it within hours of intercourse with me. Small white puss filled zits that sometimes swell up and are painfull when the do. Any suggestions other than an infected hair folicle like our Dr. also suggested was an additional possibiity. Our Dr. does not think our rashes are related but I do!!