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My 3 yr old has grown some small puss pimples and some with no puss on his chest on the side and 4 on his leg..this happen a while back as well and doctor told me it might be MRSA aka Staph but it does not seem to affect him as much she had given him medicine but I never gave it to him and it whent away that time but now it came out in legs aswell I was taking a look and some seem to get smaller does any one know or seen this before ...what should I do should I take him back is this really MRSA should I request a Dermatologist for a better answer?? :cry:


In my opinion it would be wise to check with the specialist in this case dermatologist. Skin is very sensitive and pimples are not just ugly but they can be symptoms of various other conditions. Since this has happened once and it has gone by itself maybe this will happen again but it is clearly something that is chronic. It could be some sort of allergy reaction to something but until you do some sort of tests you will not know what is that all about.


My sister’s daughter had some nasty allergy and it was showing itself on her skin. She was like a ladybug but pimples were pinkish. The main problem with this type of allergies is that they are very boring and they have tendency to come back after some time.


Let us know about the results and treatment options that your dermatologist has recommended.