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For 6 months I have battled small white puss filled bumps on nose. Run fingernail over them and they pop. If I squeeze, they bleed. Have used Oil of Oregano for two months. It addressed it but it returns. Pharmacist recommended Bactracin. Have used it for 2 months. Same thing occurs. It appears that it is spreading onto cheeks now. Should I see a doctor for antibiotics? Is it possibly a staph infection. Could be related to sexual contact.


Not sure what it is other than acne or infection. Try Witch Hazel. It i an antiseptic plus great for skin. I would see a doctor though if you feel it may be staph or infection of any sort. Always better to be cautious with something unknown to you if it appears out of nowhere.

Good Luck and let me know if the Witch Hazel helps.