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Well, I'm asthmatic and it's interesting, that especially on winter, when I catch a serious cold, it develops into bronchitis which lasts for a month or longer, like 6 weeks. Is it normal that a viral bronchitis can last for so long and is it normal to catch it after every bad cold, especially on winter? Could it be because I'm more sensitive because of my asthma?


Hi Anchy,

What you are experiencing is very common.  Asthma is an airway disease, as is bronchitis.  

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchioles that supply air to the lungs.  Asthma is a when the airways constict or narrow. 

You could say bronchitis is a form of asthma.

Anyways, since you have trouble moving air in and out of your lungs due to your asthma, it is easy for the an infection to set in.   So yes, it is because of your asthma that you tend to have frequent bouts of bronchitis.