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I have been hearing so much about cleansing lately and I am curious what people are most concerned about; colon, kidney, blood, liver/gull bladder, lymphatic, or lungs??

Thanks is advance for the feedbeck. I am planning on doing a cleanse. I am most concerned about colon and liver.



I personally think that when someone is ending up doing a cleanse it is ultimately a last resort to an exsisting health problem. That is what I did anyway. I was a medical mess about 8 years ago. My doctor actually gave me quite a scare. I did a cleansing program by drnatura called colonix as a skeptic at first. Colonix cleared out the toxins from the colon and helped eliminate the parasites that were causing havoc in my body. So for me that is why I continue to incorporate the colonix program each year to maintain that my colon is clear and in tip top shape and in perfect running order. THere are other cleanses that help specific areas such as toxinout by drnatura which targets the heavy metals that build up in the body as well as in the liver. I know there are a lot of products out there and I have tried a majority of them but nothing has worked as well as colonix. Let us know what you did use and how it helped you.