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I'm a 16 year old male

I have a lot of pimples stretching from my upper back to my upper neck (back of my neck, not near Adam's apple) I sometimes grow some pimples on my shoulder too.

I'm quite embarrassed to take off my shirt in front of my friends and I've noticed that I'm one of the four people in my grade that has a lot of pimples :-(

I've tried to wash it with soap everyday: it just grew regularly. I tried to leave it alone: no change at all.

How common is this? Does my diet have to do with this? Is there any DIY solutions to this?




Many people spend a lot of money for cosmetics every month, for beautiful skin and hair. Even if these topical products can bring temporary improvement, definitive nutrition for your hair and skin must come from the inside through food and supplements, which you consume. If your body is filled with a lot of toxins, it will attempt to get rid of a given amount of toxins through the skin, which supports acne, exema, and other skin problems. An organism, which is full of poisons, cannot properly absorb nutrients, which can lead to not only skin problems, but also to thinning and falling out hair. You should do a colon cleanse, like for example the one from DrNatura - Colonix and Toxinout - to get rid of the toxins from your body inside out, so your skin becomes clearer. It worked for me! Also, drink lots of water - 2 L a day, get lots of fresh air, and exercises! :-)

Good luck.