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Okay. Here is my story...

I am a virgin but experienced in other areas

I did a special "favor" for a friend. A.k.a oral sex. And usually when this happens the boy doesn't touch me anywhere. He did, but not sure if he touched me with the hand that he touched his penis on. i asked him and he said no so. I donno..

After the whole think, he ejaculated all over my face. I washed my hands with hot water and soap and didn't masturbate or touch myself for a day and I keep watching my hands and stuff.

Now, I'm a paranoid person. I'm thinking what if it got under my nails or, hands touched me somehow. I've been feeling funny but all my friends are telling me that I'm just being silly. Which i want to believe but Id on't wanna take chances.

I took two pregnancy tests two weeks after the incident and they came back negative, but I wanted to wait a little longer and test myself again.

Today, I go to the bathroom, and realize I was spotting. Now, I thought it was my period but there is barely anything there. I am just hoping that it is my period and its just being slow in rushing and gushing blood.

I am very worried and very scared. I haven't had intercourse but I don't wanna be pregnant.

So, I was wondering... Am I going crazy? Should I be concerned, and what do I do? How long should I wait to take another test?

I know I might be silly. I think I'm just making myself go crazy. But I donno. I know it sounds silly so.. please don't yell at me for being stupid.


The odds of you getting pregnant that way are slim. sperm needs moisture to survive. you shouldn't be so worried. the fact that you are worrying so much, could cause your period to be weird.
if you want to, wait about a week and take another pregnancy test.