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I have been reading these posts for 4 days now while tapering down off my Lortab 10/500s I've been taking for 3.5 yrs. now. My story is similar to a lot of viewers of this site. Like a lot of people I have legitamate pain that started this escapade. At one time I was going to 3 of those so called not so legitamate clinics, (very costly) I was spending about $400 a month on them until I got caught.

Now my "real" Dr. prescribes me 240 a month @ a 3 month script, which @ the time I saw as a major score. That was a year ago, well like everyone I started eating them like M&Ms and last month I went thru 480 tabs. Long story short, my wife figured it out and now has control of my consumption. (Which is probably a good thing) I told her I was really ashamed and irritated with myself for letting that happen. Absolutely NO self control.

I am currently down to 4 a day and working my way down to 0. I am 45 yrs. old and I've quit crystal meth, cocaine, weed, smoking cigarettes, even drinking all in the last 5 yrs. and by far this is the hardest. Hydrocodone is some bad sh*t. I have a 5 yr. old daughter who is the center of my world and the other day I couldn't take her to the park because I didn't have any pills, there goes my father of the year award right?

Hang in there people, at least reading these postings I don't feel like I'm the only one with this horrible problem. Good Luck!


To 'guest',

I quit I.V. Heroin without having to go to rehab. It has been 1 year clean off heroin, but now I am having so much trouble quiting cigarettes. How did you manage to quit cigs?

Take it easy everyone! :-D