I've been trying to read up on it for a while now. I recently started seeing a psychiatrist for my social anxiety. Basically I need to quit smoking pot or they're going to put me a group sessions. Something I would not be able to handle. I've been smoking pot since I was 11, 16 years ago and started cigs at 12. Recently I've been cutting down on the pot. Before February of last year I'd smoke about an eigth or more a day. I enrolled into school and quit for about six months. After graduating i returned to smoking but only a few bowls on the weekends. Cigarettes I've been smoking between 1-2 packs a day, depending on the stress of the day. I've been reading that quitting both would be bad because your brain gets "rewired" or somwthing to that affect. Any tips, suggestions or critisisms about this would be great.