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I guess all I need is some support. I am getting off of methadone and I must admit that it is a lot harder than I have expected. Actually, all I have somehow managed is to extend the period between the using. I guess that is still better than nothing but it is still far from a success. So, I need to hear methadone quitting success story!


The only important thing here is your will to help yourself. And I have to say that cutting down the frequency of taking methadone is a success, but you need to see it through the end. At this point, it would be very wise for you to address some of the clinics that are specialized in dealing with addiction. Of course, there are many of those and you should inform yourself well, especially because they are not cheap at all. But the point is, many people were able to cure themselves completely in those institutions, including my two friends!


You can definitely do this. I tried a few times and failed. Don't get discouraged. The feeling of getting out from under that nasty drug is well worth the 3-4 weeks of felling terrible. You have the rest of your life to enjoy when your done. Stock up on sweets. This helped me alot. You will sneeze a lot and sleeping is difficult. The worst is behind you after 2 weeks, and after a month you barely remember that vulnerable feeling of your every day life revolving around some drug that the doctors and pharmaceutical companies benefit from. Stay strong don't give up!!! You CAN do this. I have a awesome feeling of independance after winning this battle. You can also be this happy. I am so glad I quit and I want everyone who ever felt as you're describing to know that hope is only 2 weeks away. I also recommend getting a prescription for anitriptaline to help with the sleeping and depression you'll indure during this process. Quickly after a months time discontinue that as well. You can do it!!! Hope with all my heart this helps you and many others considering the same.


I had been taking Methadone for the past 12 years and was on 185mg daily. I was tired of being on it
and decided to just is my journal from when I started to when I was well enough to write
in it again....

Journal while withdrawing from Methadone:

Day One:

Stopped cold problems all day. Slept as well as if I had taken my dose.

Day Two:

Use to taking my methadone around 4pm came and went with no problems again.

Day Three:

Again no problems although I had a desire to take it and forget about doing this but didn't.

Day Four:

Starting to feel withdrawal effects today..running nose, running eyes, skin crawling...not too bad
it is manageable though feel a little antsy heartrate is a little faster like in a panic

Day Five:

Didn't sleep well at all. Was up and down and experiencing diahrrea, feeling sick to my stomach,
skin crawling eyes running really bad, nose running like a facet. Feel cold chills and feeling hot flashes..sure would like to give this up but will stick with it. Legs are beginning to cramp. Out of energy. Feel sleepy but can't sleep.

Day Six: Last night pure hell..did not sleep any at all. Thought about just taking a tiny bit but didn't..why would anyone want to suffer like this. today I am in bed as I have no energy, hot cold chills and my stomach hurts, legs are crawling like they can't stay still, can't eat anything or drink anything. nothing smells good or taste good or looks good, I know I need to eat somehting but the ghought is tomuch for me to think abuot..gotta lay down.

Day 7:

have not slept in 2 days now, eompletly exhausted no energy whatso erver, hard to breahte heart is beating so fast it hurtsm y chest, my bloud suger is low so is blood presure. suger is 48 and presure is 85/55 and heart rate is 130bpms..way to high. sure want to feed the mumkkey. laying donw.

Cannot do this i am dying.

day10. need hlep cant sit up very weakhavent eatin or drank anything in days, stil have some diarrhea
puking dry heaves shaking uncontrolnbly. should stop this. how much longer the days are too long why do't I just take some medicine I have plenty, if i take it now after puittng myslf trough this agony i will killmyself. lying down so so tired.

day 13. coldnot right for the past 3 days bood sugar is still low as i cnaot iat i just lay in bed all day and toss and turn i cnart realy describe how i feel not really pleas don't put syourself strhough this withjout help. iam alone and by myslef. wil try to eat some soup today and rink a sprite. my head seels like slush i have no enefgy to push a micrswave butonor open the can. i am litterayl crwling on hands and kennes. eys are shut cant open them .

day 14. god when does it end i ate soup and came up with bile alwfulkl.

Day 30: I had to stop writing for 2 weeks there as I just couldn't keep up. I couldn't even set at the computer as I had no energy to move out of the bed. I did not take any of my methadone during this time period. I went cold turkey for 30 days. I feel much better now although not fully functional. I am still out of energy but eating better. Still can't sleep a full night as I keep tossing and turning..I have some really strange dreams that I can't put on paper. One thing I have noticed is an extremely hard erection. I am so sensitive that I can ejaculate with just thinking about strange to do that. It feels good to get relief as I have missed that for years. I have feelings all over my body, when I pull my hair on my head it feels so good. A shower feels great. If I could just sleep..I miss a heavy sleep. I am glad I did this alone as if I had my wife here now she would think I am a sexual deviant, don't know why I am thinking about this so much. I am just writing what is going on with me.

Day 40: The worst is over I hope. finally got about 4 hours of sleep last night without waking up. I am eating better, blood sugar is back to normal and blood pressure is still good, heart rate spikes like I am having an anxiety attack or something but I just try to calm myself. Trying to stay on a routine. Had sex with my wife if that is what you want to call it, lasted a whole 45 seconds but it was such an awesome orgasm I can't begin to describe after the other and I felt like it was not going to stop. Is this what women mean when they talk about multiple orgasm's??? After we had sex I was ready again..then after that I wanted to do it again..I was insatiable.

Day 46: This will be my last entry providing nothing drastic occurs. Those of you who want to try this read what I went through and make your decision. Would I do it again. NO..I would not put myself through that again.


I was on methadone, 60mg's for about two years. I was tired of being completley controlled by a substance. I felt completley terrible for two weeks and diddnt get any sleep at all for about 12 days. It sounds ridiculous but its true. Quitting is very doable, you just have to motivate yourself. I can honestly say the pain was completley worth it. I've been completley clean for about 6 months now and feel great. If you decide to quit cold turkey, I highly reccomend advil, immodium and a prescription sleep aid. If you see a doctor and explain your situation, they can make your experience a hell of a lot easier. After 12 days of no sleep I couldnt take it anymore and got prescribed seroquil. After two good sleeps I stopped taking it. If I had to go through this again I would definetly see a doctor in the beginning.

One very important thing to remember is that about 2-3 months after being clean, you will go through a brief period where you might think you feel worse than you did before you started using. This causes a lot of people to relapse. When this happens, you have to remind yourself that its the addiction trying to come back one last time. After this happens, you can celebrate because the addiction is over and you have your life back.


I have known quite a few hundred addicts over the years. I hosnestly dont know of a complete success story where there person as been abstanant formore than ten years after having a decent sort of a history with Heroin - Methadone. I have been to like churches and stuff where some guy gets up and says I have been clean for ten years from my drugs, and sex and gambling. but I dunno, I kind of get this feeling there are two types of adicts. Ones that really get stuck into the stuff and come so close to wasting away (some do) its not funny, while others may try the stuff then go through life claiming to be an ex addict. If you want to know the truth you only have to look at the people around you look at their age, their intelligence. Does it discriminate? While I was in prison for e.g. I met some older guys on methadone that are strongminded, more or less motivated inteligent. But they are not healthy and they are not clean. I dont mean to be Negative toward you and I really sorry to be the one, but I honestly just dont know that once you are truly hooked on the stuff, Im talking like at the very least 30mg per day everyday for 1 year I am not so sure you will ever fully be off it. Once you are at that point, you only need a couple of shots to bring back the withdawals. It dosnt take 30 or 40 shots anymore. Just a couple. So say if today I had been clean for 3 months. I would still be anxious, and having sleep problems. If I went to the local area for heroin and scored once I might just make it, but if I have the attitude that many addicts have "I want to get stoned one more time, then I'll stop" you wont stop. at least not till your back down all the way at the bottom of life again. Then you'll go back to the methadone. I remeber one time, I had been off Buprenorphine for 3 weeks then I had one shot and after about 4 to 6 hours began feeling mild "hangin out" or "Jonesing" for you Yankee's, so tp make sre I didnt have to be uncomfortable with that and the fact I had just split up with my Girl friend and I was living outta my car, I used again, and again. Your circumstances need to be Spot on, your mind must be made up to the point where you will kill for a beter life or it aint gonna happen. The other killer of Abstaining from Opiates is Time. It takes ages for the withdrawals to fully come on, then it takes ages for your sleep to come good. Hot flushes, night sweats. Just the littlest things will set you off in search of Heroin. So given that life is full of big things how you gionna cope when some one gets hit by a car, your wife leaves, you loose your job. you get in a fight. Bad sh*t happens al;l the time, Addicts just cant cope with that stuff and thats it. There proly is a grey area, but its got to be hunted for coz it aint outwardly visible. In other wods, i just dont see the evidence to support any true success story's. My methadone Doctor Calls me and my Mrs a success story LOL. and we relapsed last January when my mum died. Irnically what go me off it a little quicker was the thought of her looking down and seeing what we were doing to ourselves. What I was allowing to happen. That made me so ashamed I gave it more effort than before. But I am at a very dangerous point in my recovery. I am about to recieve what is to me a large inheritance. In the scheme of things its not much, but its enough to buy a little crAppy house in the country where I will never have to pay rent again. I will be in a position to use it all on heroin. I am terrified. Frightend. I cry about it. and I havent even got the check yet. Some lawyer should have sent it to my lawyer today and I should get an email from my lawyer any day now to say I can come into the office and sign for it. If I dont find a way to put the money somewhere I cant acess it quickly I am terrified it will all start with Just one shot. Or "Just one Stone" "I wanna get stoned, really stoned, one last time" If I do that I am sabotaging the rest of my life and my Girlfriend (who is my de Facto Wife). The only thing I got going for me is for some reason I truly feel like I am not going to use, not even once. But I just get scared, because I love my mother and I put her through soooooooo much growing up and as a young adult and right up untill we found out she had cancer. Then I tried desperately to make somekind of a mense with her. It didnt help. I am left feeling like I could have done more. That I could have honoured her more. My father was a compulsive gambler when I was adopted at 3months old. at t 3 years old my parents divorced because in those days everything was in the husbands name. Dad earned fantastic money as an upper class house painter, but never contributed one cent to mum or thekids, he would cbnstant ly beg and borrow from her. I remeber the fights (and I was only 3) He would borrow money from loan sharks who would them threaten to hurt him (or for all I know hurt us) and then he would take out mortgage to pay them out. Then mum would work in some community centre to keep making the home loan repaymeants. My mum paid for the house smothing like 3 times over. Then it goes up in value by I dontknow, alot as the suburb does a back flip from Slum to Millionares paradise ina very short period of time. I am determined to not aquander that hard earned money. She worked every day so hard for so little, but she just managed her moeny so well that she was able to rise just a little higher than her peers. Not that was her intention, mum was very humble. Forgiving, kind and well a saint. A modern day saint that no body but me will ever know just how much she did for me. The guilt this causes me is huge. What will I do. If I dont come back thats actually a good thnig. that means I am far away on a little hobby farm in the country where I cant even get the internet. If I come back here in a few weeks that means somthing has gone terribly wrong. I might be back in a few days though coz I am trying to find info about Hot Flushes and stumbled across all these kids coming in here and they dont know what to do or how to deal with their newly found saga. Only its not some drama off TV, this is life and death. It really is. if you dont want to die an extremely slow death after living an extremely regretfull life, you need to stop now while you can. The longer it takes you to stop the harder it gets. The more times you stop and start, the easier it is to get hooked again, the longer and harder it is to try and stop again. Through all this your body takes an incredible amount of punishment, whats left over is somtimes nbot worth working with. Most days I feel but a shadow of my former self. in Rotations of our planet around the sun I am not that iold, but in terms of the physical age of my organs a body tissue and brain matter and hear mscle, I am but an old man. I am like 80 yeas old. After what I have been through I should be one Tough MF, but I am not. I am frail enough to beaten up by a 5th grader and I am only 34. I would not, and could not have ever believed I would not have been strong enough to stop. Inother words when Ifirst started using in my mid teens about 16 i think, if you told me, or rather when I was told that I could be like this the rest of my life, I did not believe it. I couldnt. I though I was smarter than the average bare and a hell of a lot tougher too. so we will see. I am sorry I cannot offer you a success story. I can offer you a hell of a lot of painfull, sad story's of 13 year old boys prostitutin themselves through to 60 year old woman doing oral sex for $5 US ($10 AU)


im soo glad i found this site,ive looked thru dozens that are just ear candy, quiting or reducing methadone is sooo hard,im 42 going on 90 i am on 110mg per day(830am!!) for past 11 yrs,ive tried unsucesfully for the last 7 yrs to drop then come off,my life just f#%*x up wen i reduce, i dont know wat to do,i am alone,my family dumped me 20yrs ago wen they found out i was on heroin,and i didnt even rip them off,i have given my mom a hard hard time over the yrs before then so i dont blame them,me and my dog in a trailer park,i cant keep a girlfreind,ive given up lookin,im in MARYBOROUGH QUEENSLAND starting to look forward to death but im not suicidle?? yet. i want to wander into area 51 and never be heard from AGAIN,ha nobody would miss me but my dog,an ausy cattle dog,my best m8,we r a team,shes all i have,my doctor hates me and all other users of methadone,but he doels out pills so i cant COMPLAIN,ive bought this on myself,no one to BLAME lol,(should start a rap song lol)ive been goin to church the last 4months,they h8 junkies too but im there to get help from god or his forgivness if i do step in front of a TRAIN,ive tried n tried for yrs to clean my life up and spectaculy FAILED!! in VAIN,FTW ITS PAIN,yes i was picked on at school ooohh whaaaa i went to 16 schools cos my pedafile stepfather couldnt hold a job on remote sheep stations for more than 6months,from tasmania to qld,but thats no excuse,life wil go on without me,i dont care anymore,i just dont,is weird tho cos i still have a sense of humor wen im down,like the train will probly derail as i step in front with a note saying sorry to train driver that its not his fault and my pen wont work,i have prayed to god for forgivness wen this happens,can anyone help ,,,,,,,maybe a truck????? instead of a train,i hate the thought of being a vege hooked up to life suport wasting peoples money,and money is everything,lol,help meeeee chugga chugga chuggaa ,clipety clop cliperty clop,chuga chugga chuggaa


even the story above me says they havnt heard of succesfull dropping off methadone,adolph hitler invented methadone as a super soldier drink,he called it adolpheine,LOOK IT UP!!!! he also searched and spent millions on the quest for the holy grail,HE DID,i wonder if he found it an made methadone from the grail,he also wanted the speir that peirced jesuses side while he was on the cross,i wonder if he found the holy grail and made mad methadone from it......LOOK IT UP PEOPLE!!!! A SUCESSFULL METHADONE STORY IS AS REAL AS A SUCCESFULL TITANIC SINKNIG STORY,2%MAKE IT, METHADONE WASNT MADE TO COME OFF,IT SOAKS UR SYSTEM AND INTO UR BONE MARROW THEN UR GONE!!!!!!!!!! IN 3 WORDS,CH CH BOOM!!


I have been reading alot of posts and just wanted to tell about my experience. I went cold turkey from methadone 12 days ago. I was on it for about a year at a dosage of 150mg. On days 5 and 6 i really thought i was gonna die. Day 7 i started having double vision...which has gotten better but hasnt totally gone away. After about 10 days my appatite slowly came back, but still cant sleep. I have been drinking loads of gatorade and taking plenty vitamins. I still feel awful, but i do feel considerably better every day. I had to go stay with my mom who lives 2 hours away and destroyed my cell phone so i would have no outside influences that might have gotten me to relapse. As to the post above, this may be true in only weak minded people who are trained and brainwashed by doctors and so on that it cant be done. But im here today telling you that it is very achievable so long as you have a good support system, and a strong will. Five or six days ago i felt as though i was on deaths doorsteps, but i refused to submit to a drug. So hang in there if you are going through a similar experience....everyday the light at the end of that dark @ss tunnel gets a little brighter. God bless.


I'm submitting this methadone detox protocol not knowing if it will work for a single other person but myself.
I live with a roomate and I would suggest no one go through any detox without someone checking on them daily.
I was on 174mg. of methodone for the last 2 1/2 years. I quit cold turkey on Sept.10, 2010. Here are the things I did and in doing so, I miraculously have not gone through any w.s. except the first 8 days I was manic, even euphoric.. I waited for the hell to begin those first few days but it did not. And it has not come yet!

MOST IMPORTANT; HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! I drank 4-6 liters of water a day. Used an empty M.Dew container.
At the time of this act, I was on meds. for my bi-polar. Thus I continued to take each mostly as prescribed. )Nurontin I took more.
I did not drink alcohol or do any other drugs. These are what I lived on:

1 multivitimin daily
1 (over the counter) Estraven (normal dose)
1-2 bowls of Raisen Bran per day with Splenda and banana
Gabapenten (Neorontin) 600 mgs. 3 times a day
Abilify 15 mgs./daily
1 mg. Klonapin 2 daily when and only when needed (I looked upon them as gold nuggets I would need when the symptoms arrived.
Serequel 400mgs. at night
trileptal 300 mgs at night

Here went the agenda:

Day 1 (sept 11) no WD at all
Day 2 (Sept 12 Thoughts becomeing more crispy, less muddied, started to feel euphoric (Manic). Still on no day yet have I felt any symptoms at all. No RLS, slept fine, muscles never cramped, Mania took care of the lack of energy one would have by now.
Euphoria was prevelent. Food was difficult.
Sept 13 Still home. getting bit nervous about lack of W.D. symptoms.Began to make arrangements with local detox centers in case this was all just a grace period before the S. Hit the Fan.
Sept 14 Still no diareeah, absolutly no symptoms except having a long over due bowel movement. Slept fine with prescribed meds. No aches, pains, nausea, vomiting or RLS
Sept 15 MANIC to be sure! Still kept chugging as much water as I could daily. Stayed on meds.
Sept 16 I and my caseworker decided I should be under medical observation for Manic Behavior. Euphoric to the end. Same day I entered psychiatric hospital with addictionologists on staff. Still no W.s. Although at this point I noticed my skin was very sensitive.
Showers killed me. I just backed off.
Sept 17 New medical protocol for MANIA was developed. Also, included Klonopins, Neurontins . And on this stay I was diagnosed with ADHD so ritalin was prescribed.

Sept 18-25 Stayed under observation for delayed Methadone W.S. and Mania. Was released on 25th of Sept.

Post Script: I write all of this because its just a little too miraculous to be ignored. I am of the belief that God had alot to do with these
happenings. Divine Intervention to be sure. When I was asked to explain by many I just reiterated what I'd come to believe. That this was a "fishes and loaves" level miracle to be sure. I am also of the belief that God gifted me with his HOLY SPIRIt to come into my body during this happening. To say I am very grateful at this point is an understatement. I do believe God gave me the dicipline to flush my system out entirely and to stick with my original med schedule to soften the blows if and when they came. Which they still havent.

This is my story since coming off a huge dosage of Methadone daily. I only endorse this program for myself. If anyone else is inclined to adopt this regime, do so at your own discretion, Have someone check on you daily and HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Praise God, miracles still exist.


Well I'll both reiterate that it's possible to quit methadone.

I'm on day 37 and i'm still suffering some ill effects from it being in the cognitive sense
I truely believe that Methadone really plays with the wiring in your brain. I've been ok
with all the other symptoms and around day 20 i was sleeping 6 hours without interuption.
Now the big problems I have is random fatigue and overall feeling like c**p.
The other issue I have is emotion. It's like the pleasure center in your brain is toasted.
I can't really feel when i have to sleep so i lay in bed for over a half an hour and fall out finally.
There's so many things that this drug does that is negative I really can't understand from
a Pain management standpoint why a doc would treat with it unless it was addiction related.
My choice was going to methadone because I was sick of being a zombie on the other meds Oxy's and such.
So for 9 months I took methadone and was up to 100mg a day. Then the day came I looked at the bottle
and said I've had enough. I discharged myself from the pain management facility I attended and
bid my Doc farewell. 37 days later i'm doing pretty well but I can't imagine that the negative effects will
last much longer. Depression and anxiety are the worst of it all I think.
Anyone else have the same issues where you just can't seem to feel the things your body is
asking for like sleep and general simple feelings like hunger? It's hard to explain but I can't
be the only one out here who suffers these side effects. Please let me know and GOD BLESS ALL WHO QUIT!


Hey. I recently stopped using methadone after a 3 year addiction to oxy contin I started taking methadone for 4 years. I Stopped a month ago after weening! I got down to 4mg and decides to completely stop. The first eight days are the worst!!! And they r bad. I suggest drinking to get thought those eight days. After those eight days things will get better. But you might qqexperience depression symptoms. Try and stay busy, see friends, do activities and just try and be around as many people as you can. It might seem impossible but it's worth it. The depression will subside. Today is my 1 month with no methadone and I feel good. For the first 8 days shower a lot. Even masterbating helps. But of you can last those eight days your in the clear. Good luck. You can do it!


You have to go down very gradually on your dose to successfully get off methadone. I went down 5mg every 2 weeks (I started at 55 mg) until I hit 20 mg. Then I went down 2 mg every 2 weeks until I hit 10 mg. Then I went down 1 mg every 2 weeks until I hit 2 mg. After 2 weeks at 2 mg I stopped. If you get bone pain and can't sleep, smoke a half-gram of tar over the course of 24 hours, then use Xanax if you need it to sleep. This worked for me. For some reason at the very end it was easier to kick the half-gram of tar than the small amount of methadone. But whatever you do, do not do more than a half-gram or you'll be right back where you started: Hooked. Good luck. You can do it. I did.


Im 25 F, FEBRUARY 2011 i was on 100 mg methadone a day. I did the iboga treatment, which took away about 75% of the withdrawals, and then i was able to handle the rest... and even that was hard
But i got off
i thought i never would
but you just have to do it
it is possible
i did it
and i have the lowest pain toleranceever
so good luck


Byron: I know of many successful methadone stories. You should look online at the NAMA website. The worst thing for me about quitting after a prolonged taper was that I was unable to sleep for a long time. I had to vigorously exercise to get my metabolism back in sync and to 'tire' myself out. I also used Excedrin PM when I could not sleep at all. That's the worst part of coming off; sleep disturbance. Eventually you feel better but it's not a good experience while you are 'in' it. No sleep is akin to chinese water torture.