okay so I'm 19 a male and I've had sex with about 15 girls well back in October i broke up with my girlfriend, about 3 days later i had a rash all over my body it itched terribly. The itching (after about 2 weeks) made its way to my thighs i then noticed a few raised, colorless bumps at the base of my penis one night after i shaved my pubic hair (i thought it was just razor burn) it went away then a few days later a single raised bump appeared on the shaft of my penis it was pinkish and painless i tried to pop it which didn't work it scabbed over but it was more like just flaky skin over it. Now, a whole 2 months later, the spot is still there, as well as about 5 spots on my testicles they are all pink, raised up and itch like crazy, constantly, they scab over with the same flakiness and when scratched they leak a clear liquid (i don't scratch at them) i also still have the rash that all this started with but it stays from about my bellybutton down and itches like hell especially at night. also yesterday morning and the morning before i would wake up to go pee and i would have a bright yellow discharge (just a drop) before i peed but no burning at all when i pee. please someone, anyone help me