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I'm 14 and I know that's the age where people get moles and pimples. When I was born, I had this white, pale patch of no pigmented skin on my arm. Nothing happened then. I mean, I got the chicken pock's and my skin all turned slightly darker.
Now I'm getting these tiny, really small patches of discoloured skin.

There's a couple of patches of dark skin, in this odd shape, then there's a white spot. There's always a bit of dark skin, and then white skin next to it. Only in several places is that not the case.

My pimples, once popped and wiped with antibacterial, are turning brown, darker than my tan skin. There's no bump, it's become part of my skin, these pimples.

What's wrong with my skin???? Please help!


ummmm ok im sorry i know this isnt much help but i think you should see a skin doctor who that because i have never heard of anything like that