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My boyfriend gave me oral sex a couple of weeks ago and in the end my left labia minora was SWOLLEN, it didnt not itch or burn or anything, it was just huge. I took warm baths to help it heal. It still has not healed completely but it's not big enough to bother while I walk. He also fingered me and seemed to have scratched me up inside because I bled just a little (pink on toilet paper). About 3 days ago, he gave me oral sex again but this time my right labia minora started to itch. I keep checking my vagina for anything weird, what I find is that it's very dry, I have almost no discharge what so ever, and what seems to me to be my urethra or hymen is swollen and covers my opening so if I tried to stick a finger inside it would be hard to. My left labia minora is still swollen but when I open them to look closely I found what I thought were white tiny bumps but ended up being soft (I want to say cottage cheese but it's not moist!) and I got to pick them out with a soft cloth. Also my urethra/hymen is very light pink, almost white.
My boyfriend gives me oral sex maybe once or twice a week, that is the only sexual contact I've had with him. Before we met I had a physical & the tests came back fine, so I don't think it's an STD. He also has systematic lupus, has been doing fine for about a year, could his meds have any contribution? (I know, how the hell?! Just covering as many areas as possible)

I went to the doctor yesterday and he says he sees nothing wrong! What the hell?!


IT cant be a std yes, but it might be a yeast infection. Or just simple irritation