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Every time I give oral sex to a female, I end up having what doctors think is tonsilitis. My tonsils become extremely swollen and p***y, my throat is so sore I can't swallow, and I have fever on and off. But when I give oral sex to a male, I am fine. Is this just a coincidence, or is there some type of bacteria in the vagina that would be causing this? Help!


Hi there,

When you are saying that you give oral sex to female are you referring to one female or more females? The question is same for males. If you are having sexual intercourse with only one woman then it might be possible that she is having some vaginal problem (maybe some infection that can be transferred sexually). If this is so then the problem is not with you it is with her and she needs to get checked as soon as possible. You are having an adverse reaction to something (probably a bacteria of some sort) and it is affecting your tonsils with almost an allergic reaction.

Have your tried to use mouthwash after the oral sex? It might be helpful