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I've had tonsil stones for the past 6 months and occasionally my tonsils bleed a tiny bit if I try to poke around to remove the stones. The other day I tasted blood in my mouth and have a feeling of something stuck in my throat (gagging me). I looked at my throat and there is what appears to be a growth(about 1/4 inch long) on my tonsil and it looks like blood clotted on the tip of it. Could this have anything to do with the tonsil stones? Should I be worried?


Well Ash1131 having a cloth on your tonsils should be alarming thing. How do you eat? Are you having problems swallowing?

You have to know that if you have tonsil stones that there is a good possibility that there will be some bacteria or food deposits located around them. As they collect there is a good possibility that the stone can get even bigger. It’s a process of formation of the stone at the first place. You need to use mouthwash and pay more attention to your oral hygiene. Stones should be removed with this procedure.

Your bleeding might be from the tonsils coming out. So there is a good chance that they will fall out, but be careful with this.