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okay so heres the basics, im 16, ive been sexually active since i was 14 with this girl who has a grimy reputation at another school, so i figured hey why not i can get laid every weekend and noone in my school will find out and i can get away with it scott free.(We ALWAYS had protected sex, except for oral, which i always received and never gave)

So we stopped having sex for a while, and then had our little random hook ups over sophomore year. And in the beginning of the summer (the last time i had sex with her) she was on top and she let out some kindof cum like discharge. it was gooey and weird, i didnt even know girls gave out that kindof thing. Almost directly after that i had a a little red bump show up. smaller than 1 cm in diameter. I thought perhaps the 'goo' had just infected a gland and caused a pimple. Surely enough that wasnt the case, after popping this pimple, it would go away and come back in the exact same spot. So i figured, maybe its just not getting cleared out, after all there arent any more pimples popping up, right? So just like always, it went away. Football season came around. I had a case of jocks itch that went away (with the use of cream in my dads cabinet) and i thought could have been linked to the mysterious pimple on my crotch. Jocks itch went away, im fine. Winter track season came, i began having internal leg itching just like jocks itch and it started to worry me, so every day i began looking at this pimple and agitating it every time i saw it. i started using the cream again, sure enough the itching goes away.

Recently i had a large red bump on my ass that looked like a spider bite. it worried me on the inside because i had heard herpes symptoms can appear anywhere around your buttocks or genital area. the red bump disappeared after 2 or 3 days and i let it escape my troubled mind as a spider bite.
Last week, the bump still remained, and i was about to hang out with a girl ive been talking to so i decided maybe its just a really annoying pimple, so i applied some of my medical perscribed acne cream(Benzoyl Peroxide 8% which works magnificently by the way) for use in the shower. So i tried that knowing that i shouldnt be using that sh*t on my penis. So after i did that about 2 times suddenly, 3 bumps appeared, no wait, 4, now 5. 6!? i can only see 4 when im dry but in the shower 6 appear.
Im scared and dont know what to do. Since i had sex with that girl i had gotten head from 2 other girls one who is also kindof slutty and i had protected sex with another girl who is not.
The pimples are all at the very beginning of my shaft. not on the head or in the middle, the bottom. Also when i shave my pubes, 2 days later more red bumps that itch show up where i had shaven. the bumps on my penis dont itch or burn or give off any sensation. It only burns to urinate after i ejaculate on a full bladder which is normal. i have no erectile disfunctions or issues of the such. The pimples dont bother me in any way except mentally so i pop them.
In a final reminder ill sum up the appearence of the pimples, very small red bump with white head until popped.

Im scared to tell my mom, i dont want to break her heart. I tried making up excuses to go to the doctors so i could have a private chat with a professional, and she instead finds simple solutions like over the counter medication from CVS for my 'excuses'

Also, i spoke with the girl who i had sex with before this happened, she said that her mom had her tested because she was uneasy about a boyfriend she had (her mom doesnt care she has sex) so she was tested in both "august and october and resulted negative in everything hiv, ghonnorea, herpes, and cercical cancer (not that that matters)" her words.

Do i have herpes?


sorry sir you have herpes