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On the outside of both my feet and at the bottom of my ankle, I have red marks that look like they could be burst blood vessels or bruising. It is all along the outside of my feet, they do not hurt and I have had them for years. The right foot is a little worse, as it is a darker and sometimes looks purple. I have it all year round. I am 27 and I have not had children and I've never been over weight.
I was just hoping to find out what they might be or what may have coursed them. And if I can get rid of them?


I have the same thing! I'm 29 and have just noticed 3 spots around my left ankle/bottom of foot. I think they have appeared over the last  year or so.  almost like small dark red bruises about the size of a pencil eraser. I'm not exactly sure what caused  them but i'd like to prevent more.