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when i was young i was abused and every week had deep bruises on my upper thighs and bottom.

now as a young lady im very very very insecure about the stretch marks there.

i was wondering if constant truama to the skin caused them there??


Stretch marks can be caused by several things including genetic makeup.  The first cause that comes to mind is pregnancy.  However, other things such as gaining or losing weight, stress, losing muscle, breast growth, fast growth, and other things can cause this problem. 

 Stretch marks occur when elasin fibers of the under layer of the skin (dermis) tear.  This tearing is covered by the outer skin (epidermis).  The epidermis is very elastic and can stretch much easier than the dermis.  If this were not so and both the dermis and the epidermis tore at the same time one would have a long open gash, but the structure of the skin prevents this from happening.

 Bruising does not usually tear the dermis. The bruising could have been covering up tears in the dermis. So it is possible stretch marks could be caused by bruising. 

Stretch marks are difficult to treat once they have passed to the white or silver stage in appearance. Most therapies are only useful on new stretch marks.

One type of laser treatment that may help minimize older, more entrenched stretch marks is the fractionated laser, which hits tiny "fractions" of the skin, often in a grid-like pattern. Franks describes the process as "smudging" the lines of stretch marks, which makes them less distinct.

Expect to pay up to $1,000 per session for these treatments, and be prepared to pay for at least three sessions.

Just don't expect perfection.