Small round blue bruises with stretch marks?
I've got 12 stretch marks around my bellybutton. and as I looked closer I had three bruises about the size of a needle's point , they are about 6 cm far from each other. There is three bruises of them. Also I'm sure I feel 'n hard lump on my right side. It's also very unconfortable sleeping without a continental cushion. Cak you uys explain bruising. I also once had bruising on my bladder area, is gone now. I'm female and 21, turning 22 this july.
  • 22 hours ago
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I also get motion sickness in a car after not eating and drinking my medication and then the only thing that helps is losening my belt and zipper and drinking ginger beer. :)

21 hours ago

I have pressure at my left side like something kicking me there. also I had three days of sore hip on different days. I don't like limping. Also I had have needle like pain in my groin area. Also a few weeks ago I had been going to te toilet after every second drink.

21 hours ago

Its me, but I saw a faint line under my bellybutton and apart from it at the top of my bellybutton looks like a faded line it appears and appears, I slept for a long time, I did dirnk my medication and I drool more when I drink drooling medication... Its odd because I don't hav clothes with a line in the middle... I can see it a bit pinkish and slighty darker but barely sometimes there.

7 minutes ago

I also felt nauseated during after eating weetbix and bread with cheese and bovoril. So I also after sleeping I am sitting infront of the computer and feeling bubbles at the top righ abdomen.

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