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Wonder if anybody knows what this is..

About 6 months ago i started getting red spots on both my feet, Recently i noticed they had got worse (more of them, slightly larger in size) Like freckles i suppose only red (blood spots maybe?)

I've had an ingrown toenail in that 6 months, so i don't know if that is related?

They don't hurt or anything, i am just wondering what they are ;-)

Thanks :-D


I've had red spot on my feet for about 5 years now. I noticed them before I noticed any other symptoms. They started on the tops of my feet near the toes and are now half way up my leg. I've asked all the doctors I've seen about it and know one seems to know anything. Trouble is, they can only be seen really clearly in daylight or under fluorescent light. I guess thats part of the problem in getting a diagnosis.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Pardon me, but here is a picture of my foot.