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I am 11 years old and i have 3 ingrowing toenails on each foot (i know disgusting right) but it is only the two big two which hurt the most. I have been to the doctors many times before and they jut give me some creams or bandages but i need something more than just that. Now my main questions to you lot out there helping me by answering are:

- What surgery is best: Toenail out grow again, side off toenail and grows back or whole toenail removed perminantely?

- Will I need crutches?

- Does it hurt? If so what hurts?

- I watched a youtube video and it was of some guy having his toenail removed and i was well put off surgery... SHould i be put off by all the blodd and bandages!!!!!?????

I am really very very very scared about it, should I be? Thank you so much for spending your time answering this very long question for me and i hope it helps people in the same situation to me xxxx Love to you all thank you all again...

From Me xxxxx


I am a nail tech and I have helped so many people including my husband with ingrown toe nails by placing an acrylic nail over the ingrown nail. I know it sounds weird but let me tell you why it works first. ( no one will even know you have them, the acrylic is clear ) If you like what I have said, have your parent read this, then call around to reputable salons and find someone who will do it for you. Do NOT go to a discount quick nail shop unless you know they are CLEAN. 
 So here is why acrylic can help. You cannot have them put on your toes if your nails are currently infected and puss is present. If they are just red and sore that is fine.
The nail should be trimmed short but not back to the quick, and kept square but the edges should be rounded so as not to be sharp. The acrylic will cover the nail and train it to grow out in a normal manner. When acrylic is wet, and placed on the nails, it will cure and during the cure the acrylic will shrink a tiny bit, pulling the corners of the ingrown nail up some, releaving the pressure and pain. You will keep the nails on for no less than 3 months, you want to give the nail time to grow out beyond the ingrown point. During that time the acrylic will act as a barrier so the nail cannot dig into the skin, and the nail will stay attached to the acrylic so as it grows the acrylic will pull the nail up and train it to grow out straight. I wish I had a photo reference to show you. I don't know if my explanation is doing it justice. You will also need to have the acrylic maintained from the technician every 3-4 weeks to fill the outgrowth at the cuticle portion of the nail and to remove or check for any lifted acrylic. You do not want water trapped between the acrylic and the real nail plate. You can be at risk for getting a bacterial infection if that happens. Bacterial infections will appear yellow brown or green black. One that looks ugly but would grow out and bacteria infections are not contagious and they are not fungus. This only happens if the acrylic is not fully adhered to the nails. On toe nails its less common to see the acrylic lift at all. Since you don't use toes, there is no flexing of the nail plate to cause it to lift. A reputable tech will know exactly what I am talking about, and how to keep lifting from happening. 
 My husband had his ingrown toe nail on his big toe removed before I learned this technique from a podiatrist. He wishes we would have been able to acrylic care for it before that. He had another ingrown nail on the other big toe, which is no longer that way after wearing the acrylic for 6 months. His were curved fairly far back on the nail bed. 
 So to answer your question about removal which cannot guarantee it wont grow back ingrown again. He wore sandals for 2 days, there are no crutches needed. The worst part would be the numbing shot. You wont feel anything after that and that part is very fast. The healing process is long, toe nails grow pretty slow. Your toes will be tender but should not prohibit walking or wearing shoes. The nail bed will harden up some to protect your toes while the nail grows back in. 


Thank you very much xxx


You are very welcome. I hope you find permanent relief.