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I have red spots/red area (rash?) on my penis under my foreskin (uncut), and I am stressing significantly about this. The only sexual contact i could've had was 6 months ago. I need some help diagnosing this...

I went to my doctor and he said it was simply a reaction to using scented soap or body wash to clean it. I started using plain dove soap immediately after that and almost 4 weeks later, i have noticed no changes.

-Redness/inflamation on and around penis hole opening
-Reappearing red spots on penis head, mostly aroound opening of penis hole. When i say reappearing, they will subside one day and come back the next...i could go pee and notice redness, then check back an hour later and it will have gone done a lot...
-Glossy opening of penis (not oozing fluid, just looks glossy/shiny especially after urinating)

-No pain when urinating
-No itching
-Red spots are not painful
-Responds to cortisone cream (mometasone furoate) and appears less inflamed. however once i stop using it, they come back in a short duration (days)

Could it be herpes, even though i've had this redness for over 2 months? Or genital warts, even though there is no wart like thing? I really want to dispel any notion of an STD...

Any insight is helpful.


It's neither of these... don't worry about it, see your doctor,its not an std.


hey ive had the same problem it just comes and goes nothing to worry about ive had it twice in the last year and have them atm just dont use scented soap to clean that really doesnt help trust me. Hope that helps


well. ive had a red bump under my foreskin since like 7 days after christmas... it dosent burn or itch. and its only one bump. some days it apperars to have a white head on it but it is not above the skin. i feel no pain or burning when i pee and it goes frome dark red to almost gone. i have no clue what it is i havent went to a doctor and i discussed it with my gf. we have not made love in over 6 months due to being in diferant states. however. she does not have a std and insits i go get checked. she says she has no prob with having sex if i was still in the state with her but she just wants to know so she can read up on it.