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I suffered with GORD/GERD for over 15 years (and now have Barrett's) until I had a fundoplication operation four months ago. Great, free from medications and their side effects, I got my life back.
Three weeks ago I suffered acute cholecystitis and had my gall bladder removed. The specialist at the hospital said it was due to the reflux; although I hadn't had the reflux for 3 months, the many years of it had damaged my gall bladder.
How does this work?


Hi there, I found some information on your question from a GERD specialist site. Let me post the excerpt here:

One has to consider the potential consequences of untreated acid reflux disorders. Untreated GERD, as medicine understands it now, rarely causes immediate life threatening consequences. It can claim lives when it results in bowel hemorrhage, scar tissue of the lungs, intractable asthma, recurrent pneumonia, cancer of the voice box, and more. Mostly GERD makes people miserable and adversely effects the quality of life. It’s a chronic disease. Each day, people awaken after being “under attack” by their own secretion, hydrochloric acid. Some days are worse than others. Oftentimes, how miserable they are depends on what happened in their esophagus the night before.

Sleep disturbances can cause GERD and conversely GERD can also cause sleep disturbances. Beware that sleep apnea associated with GERD, can be either a cause or a result. There appears to be an unusually high incidence of gallbladder problems associated with GERD. Gallbladder disease can cause GERD symptoms. Likewise, the GERD mechanics can result in gallbladder disease.

So it looks like it is possible that you could have had gallbladder issues that caused symptoms similar to GERD or vice versa, since the digestive system is tied. Does this answer your question or did you need more info?